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Bibical Numerology

The fascinating subject of biblical numerology is the hidden meanings of numbers in the Word of God. Numerology has long been a part of the Bible, but its meanings are not obvious. This article aims to help you understand the secrets behind numerology found in the Bible.

Bible numerology refers to the symbolic use made of numbers throughout the Bible. For example, the three numbers that make up the triune nature God. Numerological values in Bible often refer to wider usages in the Ancient Near East. Numbers are often used to symbolically reveal the truths in Bible verses. Understanding numbers can help one gain a greater awareness of the divine perfection of God’s word in the Christian faith.

The quadriga, as the early church understood it, was made up of four layers of interpretation in the Bible.

Important values

Three and a half

A symbolic week “is stopped midway through its normal course” or a broken seven. 12:7 is the most prominent example, “A time, two or more times and half a while” or “times, times and a half a time” refers to a period in which God’s faithful are subjected to persecution by the fourth beast. Corresponds roughly to the temple’s destruction under Antiochus IV Epiphanes (161-164 BC). According to various Jewish sources, the Temple’s surrender to heathen worship is also indicated by the number of three-and-a-half. Other numerological values can be obtained by varying the three-and-a-half years. Three and a quarter years correspond to forty-two months or 1,260 days. Both 42 and 1,260 are used numerologically in the Bible. The Babylonian calendar may be the source of the three-and-a-half symbol that appears in the Bible.

Four And Ten

The numbers four and ten can be used to represent totality. Ten fingers and ten feet are the numbers of digits found in humans. This is why our Base 10 numerical system was created.


Seven can be used to indicate “perfection” and “completeness”. This may be because the primary lunar phases last approximately 7 days (7.4) each. These include the seven days of Creation, which make up seven days in a week, as well as the seven lamps on Temple Menorah. Another variation on the seven-digit number is the six-digit numerology number, which is used to mark the end of a series that leads to seven. For example, the sixth day of Genesis is the date that mankind was created. It can also be used to mean a value that is less than seven. The number 666 in the number of the beast represents the evil of the creature and its failure to reach the divinely perfect seven.


Eight can also be used to mean a “new beginning,” “resurrection,” and “new life.” Eight people are on Noah’s Ark (2 Pet. 2:5), circumcision occurs on the eighth (Gen. 17;12), Jesus rose from death on the eighth (Enoch 33; Sibylline Oracles 1.280-81)


Twelve refers to the twelve lunar months of a lunar calendar year. It also represents completeness and is often associated with the people of God. Twelve tribes exist in Israel, and Jesus chose to have twelve apostles.


This can be either a single generation or an entire period of time. Each Solomon and David ruled over Israel for 40 years. Moses was often associated with 40: He was 40 when he fled Egypt. 40 years later, he returned to Egypt to free the Hebrews from captivity. After spending 40 days on Mount Sinai, he spent 40 more years wandering the desert with the Hebrews. Goliath was a challenger to the Israelites for 40 days before David killed him. Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the desert for 40 days. Jesus was in Jerusalem and Galilee 40 days before his ascension. Hence, Forty holds an important significance in Christian mythology.

Apocalyptic Numerology And Its Importance

Ezekiel states that New Jerusalem will have twelve gates exits. Each one will be named after one of the twelve tribes (Ez. 48:30-35). Dan is the primary source of the three-and-a-half as a broken seven. 7:25; 12/7, where “times, two times and half a times” or “times, times and a half” refers to a time when God’s faithful are being persecuted. Other numerological values can be obtained by varying the three-and-a-half years. Three and a quarter years correspond to forty-two months or 1,260 days. Both 42 and 1,260 are used numerologically in the Bible.

The number six hundred sixty-six (666) is used as the number for the beast from the ocean. Although the number six has all the characteristics of the perfect seven it is not quite there. It is not the final (i.e. It is not the ultimate (i.e. seven); it is only the penultimate, i.e. six). Christopher Rowland points out that the beast has all the hallmarks and truths, so it is capable of deceiving easily.

The number seven is used extensively throughout Revelation. It refers to seven churches, seven bowls and seven seals. Some more appearances of seven are seven thunders, seven trumpets, seven thunders, seven Spirits of God, seven stars, and seven lampstands.

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