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Claircognizance refers to one of the four primary psychic abilities in a person. Claircognizance is a word that means “clear knowing.” A person who is said to be Claircognizant has the ability to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why they knew it. Presumably originated in the late 17th century, Claircognizance comes from the French word - Clair (“clear”) +‎ cognizance.

The intuitive ability called claircognizance can be defined as an immediate download of intuition in an individual’s brain. This gut feeling of sorts can be explained as an inner knowing through one’s psychic feelings. These feelings are manifested as thoughts or instincts in a particular situation.

For instance, if this psychic ability is prompted, it can help one know if someone is lying or not or if a particular decision is correct. The correct answer for a situation is always hidden in one’s claircognizance abilities or intuition.

This intuitive ability allows an individual to comprehend when something is genuine or honest. This intuitive capability is utilized to validate present or future ideas. Even though there are no logical explanations for these ideas, it is not something that can be dismissed easily.

Claircognizant notes come chiefly into one’s mind like a sudden realization. Much like the sudden influx of these messages, they are also said to disappear in a moment’s time. Very random in nature, these messages are not scheduled at all. An individual can experience them while working, watching TV, running, or doing any routine activity of their life.

These claircognizant messages are mostly uncalled for, but they are meant to warn one about difficult future situations that can be avoided if they are careful enough. Providing a lot of insights and information, these messages always come for a reason and are mostly important.

Signs that a person is Claircognizant

  1. Their gut instincts are right. 2 .They are human lie detectors
  2. They get random messages from the ascended masters.
  3. They know the outcome for a solution beforehand.
  4. They have the solutions for all problems.


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