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Destiny Number

Destiny Number refers to the total addition of an individual’s date of birth. This number is unique for every individual and is a possible hint of their destiny. Destiny Numbers make individuals aware of their unique capabilities, personal interests, talents, and attitudes.

Conclusively, a person’s Destiny Number is meant to lead them into the purpose of their existence on this planet. More commonly, a Destiny Number is referred to as the ‘Lucky Number.’ One can easily calculate their Destiny Number by adding all the numerals in their birth date and condensing it down to one digit.

For instance, for a birth date of 2/09/1976, the Destiny Number will be 7 (2+9+1+9+7+6= 34= 7). This number can also be calculated by replacing one’s complete birth name alphabets with their corresponding numerals, A=1, D=4.

A person’s Destiny Number is also their Expression Number. This number is meant to explore what a person is destined to do in their lifetime and who they will become. It indicates the strengths of an individual and how a person should use them to lead a fulfilling life.

Destiny Number 1

Destiny Number 1 refers to a person with attributes such as inbuilt leadership qualities, authenticity, and determination. A person with this number in their charts is destined to be a leader. A leader should know about all approaching hurdles, and they should be capable of finding the solution to the hurdle, if need be. A person with this Destiny Number is advised to train themselves to be innovative, determined, and bold with self-control and self-confidence.

They should think for themselves first and act according to what they believe is right. A person with Destiny Number 1 tends to move towards being domineering, selfish, bossy, a bully, or arrogant if not kept in check. This person is supposed to pave the way to lead others into their understanding of ‘right.’

Destiny Number 2

Destiny Number 2 is associated with a person with diplomatic capabilities, tactfulness, and persuasiveness. People with Destiny Number 2 make . good peacemakers. They are known for helping others in whichever way they can, as their only true salvation is the satisfaction they get in return.

These people are supposed to be loving, kind, peaceful, patient, gentle, considerate, and understanding. They should not be overly-sensitive. A person with Destiny Number 2 is advised not to be easily carried away by others' emotions, talks, or behavior. They must take charge of their mood and decision-making capabilities.

Destiny Number 3

Destiny Number 3 is known to achieve proficiency in maintaining and creating relationships. They are advised to help others and be cheerful and happy. This person is positive, confident, optimistic, and pleasant. A person with Destiny Number 3 is supposed to be a great asset to people who have lost the joy and the zest in life. This person should aim at being articulate and creative in their life. They should help others to enjoy the only life they have on Earth.

Destiny Number 4

Destiny Number 4 manifests powerful capabilities in a person who takes on significant responsibilities and fulfills them. The number denotes an efficient person who finds satisfaction in organizing meaningful events. This person should aim to be serious, educated, disciplined, organized, loyal, honest, and practical in their life. A person with Destiny Number 4 should not be rigid, stubborn, dull, melancholy, and afraid of change.

Destiny Number 5

Destiny Number 5 represents an individual who does not tolerate a monotonous lifestyle and always looks for freedom around them. They find pleasure in adventure, traveling, and other challenges of life. A person with Destiny Number 5 should learn to bring change in their lifestyle. However, they must not rush blindly towards change. They are advised to be alert for good opportunities.

This number hints at allowing a person to be enthusiastic and adaptable. A person with Destiny Number 5 should aim at not being over-indulgent, irritable, indifferent, vulgar, or wasteful.

Destiny Number 6

Destiny Number 6 hints at an affectionate individual with homely and humanitarian attributes. They are meant to lift the unhappy and enable them to find happiness. This person should aim to be kind, dependable, friendly, and not be irresponsible, obstinate, unyielding, or slow. A person with Destiny Number 6 can aid someone in making decisions, but they should never interfere in other people’s businesses.

Destiny Number 7

Destiny Number 7 reflects a person with good teaching capabilities. A person with Destiny Number 7 is a thinker, a learner, and a sharer of knowledge. Writing, learning, and studying are activities that bring satisfaction to their life. This person should aim to be analytical, independent, original, professional, and truthful and not be pessimistic, aloof, nervous, skeptical, and afraid. They should participate in exploring knowledge such as science and discoveries.

Destiny Number 8

Destiny Number 8 denotes a person who desires respect from people around them. They are ambitious and are known for achieving outstanding success in their life. They are advised to learn to be self-controlled, determined, persevering, hard-working, diligent, and philosophical. People with Destiny Number 8 should work on not being oppressive, bullying, authoritative, or hungry for power, fame, money, or material gains.

Destiny Number 9

Destiny Number 9 represents a person who has a knack for life and the individuals associated with it are known for bringing beauty and perfection to their lives. This person does the same by contributing to charity, romance, and art. Such a person should aim to have a peaceful mind and be generous, forgiving, kind, and compassionate at heart.

They are an inspiration to others while being artistic, energetic, strong-willed, and humane. They should not be emotional, impulsive, narrow-minded, short-tempered, or bitter in speech and behavior. They should work towards not being a bad influence on the people around them.

Destiny Number 11

Destiny Number 11 is a Master Number. People possessing Destiny Number 11 are excellent advisors, teachers, social workers, and philosophers. They are generally advised to become spiritual leaders. This spiritual path in their life is usually a consequence of childhood trauma or their compulsive need to seek the truth. These people should aim to be kind, compassionate, and humble.

Destiny Number 22

The Destiny Number 22 is a master number as well. It represents a person who has inner strength and can achieve outstanding accomplishments in their lifetime. They are also master builders. This person is excellent at taking up big projects and being a great leader. They should learn to do tasks that benefit others, be visionary of outstanding achievements and stay humble. These people do well in medicine, law, politics, and entertainment.

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