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Mystic Michaela - Numerologist

Mystic Michaela is an author, podcast host, and fourth-generation psychic medium who specialises in reading auras, which are the colourful life force energies that surround people. She is also a fourth generation psychic medium. For her, the best thing is to help people find their own unique way of living through the power of the spirit. Michaela lives in South Florida, where she has a lot of personal clients and runs Aura Reading Workshops and events. In the last few months, Michaela worked with Spotify to make the Audio Auras for Spotify Wrapped 2021 come to life! You can learn more about your aura on the podcast, “Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela.” Michaela is the author of The Angel Numbers Book.

Mystic Michaela Says About Angel Numbers

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