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Novalee Wilder - Numerologist

About Novalee Wilder

Novalee is a former actor and artist who has transitioned into a professional Numerologist and writer based in Los Angeles. I endured a great deal of heartbreak and pain before discovering numerology and liberating myself from the heavy name vibrations I was carrying around. For years, I’ve been walking my talk and paving the way. And now, I’d like to assist you in releasing the name vibrations that are restraining you. Because you’ve exhausted self-help books and years of treatment and are still experiencing the same emotional patterns and difficulties. Your consciousness has broadened, but you continue to have the same conflicts and find yourself in the same no-win situations. You’ve progressed beyond the transient fixes that sustained you previously and are now prepared to take a leap of faith and finish first in your own darn life!

I’m here to assist you in doing just that. I’m incredible at conjuring up a name that precisely fits your dreams and essence. I demonstrate just how your existing name has harmed you and what a new name will attract. The best thing is that I’ll walk you through both the practical methods and what to expect from a life that isn’t suffocating you or preventing you from expressing yourself fully in the world.

Novalee Wilder Says About Angel Numbers

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