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Number Six (6) - Numerical Digit

Number 6 is the natural number that lies between Numbers 5 and 7. It is not only a composite number but the smallest and the first perfect number.

Perfect numbers are the numbers whose factors sum up the number itself. For example, the factors of Number Six are 1, 2, and 3. When they are added together, the result comes out to be 6. Number Six is also the only even perfect number.

The origin of the number has two different origins. Number Six was referred to as ‘Hexa’ in classical Greek. Secondly, the Latin prefix for 6 was known as “sex.” The evolution of Number Six is very straightforward when compared to the numbers that precede it. The modern representation of Number Six can be traced back to the Brahmi numerals of India and interestingly, also displayed with exactly 6 segments in seven-segment calculators.

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