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Premonition refers to the vague, instinctual feeling that something will happen. It is typically a forewarning of something terrible or unwelcoming to happen. Premonitions are usually accepted as gut feelings, but they can seem uncanny and creepy when they turn out to be accurate.

A Premonition about something good can be easily dismissed as mere optimism. However, a Premonition of something terrible happening, like a bad omen, can cause stress and discomfort to a person.

Difference Between Premonition And Precognition

Premonitions are different from precognition. Precognition refers to the psychic phenomenon of becoming aware of or seeing things and events that will happen in the future, like foreknowledge. On the other hand, a premonition is merely a sense of forewarning of a potential disaster.

Precognition gives substantial knowledge about the future, but Premonition only gives a vague sense of something terrible that might happen. Precognition is broadly considered a pseudoscience and a paranormal phenomenon as it lacks any scientific explanation. Premonitions are not necessarily supernatural or mystical as they are generally regarded as instinctual feelings.

Premonition, Precognition & Deja Vu

Although different, another phenomenon often related to Premonition and precognition is deja vu. Deja vu refers to the feeling that one has already experienced the present situation before. Premonition, precognition, and deja vu are similar kinds of occurrences, but they are not the same.

Premonition In Spirituality

Premonitions are not usually associated with spirituality and religion. Spirituality often involves an awareness of profound perceptions resulting from one’s soul being connected with the higher power through meditation and pranayama. Individuals who practice spirituality sometimes have experiences of visions or some higher knowledge. A more realistic explanation would be intuition or Premonition.

Premonitions can suggest that individual consciousnesses are linked to each other and to everything that exists in the present, past, and future. Some theologists have explored the ability of premonitions to connect minds across time and space, consequently revealing the oneness of the universe.

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