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The meaning of spirituality has changed over time, and different meanings can be found next to each other. “Spirituality” used to be an umbrella term for a religious process that aims to “restore the original shape of man.” This process is based on “the image of God,” which is shown by the founders and sacred texts of the world’s different religions. The term was first used in early Christianity to refer to a life that was focused on the Holy Spirit. It was later used to refer to the mental aspects of life in the Late Middle Ages. There are many different types of esoteric traditions and religious traditions that are called “esoteric” today. There are modern ways of saying this: They refer to people’s subjective experiences of sacred things and the values and meanings that they live by, often in a setting that isn’t religious at all. This could be because of a belief in a supernatural world that isn’t visible to the naked eye, personal growth, a search for an ultimate or sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s “inner dimension,” among other things.

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