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Ananiel Angel

It was an ancient work called the Book of Enoch that mentions Ananiel, Anânêl, as one of the 20 Watchers. Even though Ananiel is often confused with Hananiel, the name can sometimes be translated as “rain of God.” However, Michael Knibb deciphers his name to be “cloud of god”. Names like these came from the Greeks and were transliterated into Arabic by the Coptic folks.

By God, Ananias was given “all the trees of the earth, its plants, the rain, the dew, the heat, the simoom, the wind, and all the atmospheric incidents that occur both in summer and in winter.”

In addition to being an angelic guard of the gates of the South Wind, Ananiel is also known as an angel. There are three gates each for the three parts of the world. A hot wind blows through the first gate, which is oriented to the southeast. On the other hand, the second brings pleasant fragrances, dew, rain, prosperity, and life.

The third one is pointed to the southwest and is known for bringing locusts, fog, rain, and destruction. Ananiel is responsible for guarding one of these gates. One of the inferred meanings can be that Ananiel is an Archangel to exercise control over these.

Contradictingly, Ananiel has a different relevance in the Coptic Orthodox Church wherein the title Ananiel is used to refer to one of the seven holy archangels.

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