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What are angels?

The term angel refers to a supernatural spiritual being who, in various religions, serves as God’s companion. As benevolent celestial intermediaries between mankind and God, angels are often depicted in Abrahamic religions.

In addition to their protective role, angels serve God as guides and servants. Angelic hierarchies are described in Abrahamic religions, which vary from religion to religion. Names and titles are given to specific angels. Broadly, there are 2 different categories used to classify angels. Former angels, as distinguished from the heavenly host, are called fallen angels.

What Do Angels Really Look like?

In several historic texts, a man comes across the physical manifestation of an Angel to be a human being of impeccable beauty, which can only be called divine. When it especially comes to Christian theology, they are often portrayed as beings with wings arching from their backs accompanied with a halo emanating a holy light.

Where does Angel comes from? And Historic Origins Of Angel

The etymology of Angel has stemmed from old English and the old French. Both of the languages were derived from the original Latin dialect - which was amalgamated from the late Greek word which roughly translates to ‘Messenger’

In terms of culture, multiple faiths have had their own interpretations of what an Angel means in the context of their devotion. While the Judaism interpretation referred to Angels as entities who stand with God, they were to be strictly distinguished from God and clearly depicted as God’s subordinates. However, the understanding of an Angel has changed in later interpretations as them being the facilitators of God’s will.

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