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What is an Archetype? Simplest Archetype Definition.

An archetype is best defined as the most common example of a certain sort of person or object. In Angelology as well, there exist archetypes. These include Ruler Angel and Slayer Angel.

Ruler Angel

This is the archetype for characters who resemble or have characteristics of a ruler angel. They can be understood as the Guardian Angel in its advanced form. It is a hybrid of the Ruler and the Guardian Angel. Angel Lordship is not to be confused with Archangel Physiology or Dominion Angel.

A Ruler Angel, also known as a ruler or principalities Angel, is a powerful upper-level Angel who represents or is linked with presiding over the bands of angels and charging them with fulfilling the divine ministry. As a symbol of their status, the principalities are depicted wearing crowns and wielding sceptres. Their responsibility is also claimed to be to carry out the orders given to them by the upper sphere angels, to bestow blessings on the material world, and to oversee all living beings. They are the earth’s educators and high-level protectors. They are well-known for being wonderful sources of inspiration for living creatures.

Angel Slayer

This archetype possesses the ability to wield enough strength to destroy angelic beings. It is a variant of Slayer and the polar opposite of Demonic Slayer. This archetype is capable of killing angels/angelic creatures in any form, being able to stand up to even the most powerful angels and achieve resistance to their powers.

Hanibal Angel