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Ariel Angel

Ariel is an archangel with many different titles and references across centuries. In Hebrew, Ariel means “altar” or the “Lion of God”. Ari’el and Ariael are also possible spellings.

Ariel is primarily worshipped as the Angel Of Nature.

Ariel, like all the remaining Archangels, is often portrayed as a male figure, but Ariel is most commonly referred to as a female Archangel. The feminine association of Ariel with nature is present in all theologies in one way or another. She is responsible for the protection and healing of animals and plants. Ariel also looks after the care and maintenance of the Earth’s elements which are water, wind, fire, and energy.

Archangel Ariel is infamous for punishing and smiting anyone who does harm to God’s creations, especially the ones are that manifested as a part of Earth’s natural flora and fauna. Ariel and her instances in the written literature have also been inferred as her being the link between the human world and the elemental worlds of sprites and faeries.

Archangel Ariel is frequently represented in artformss with a Globe or elements of nature. The symbolism reiterates Ariel’s responsibility for God’s creations on Earth. Ariel is often seen in rainbow or pale pink colors.

Ariel and her Origin

Ariel’s name is used in the Bible to refer to the Holy City Jerusalem in Isaiah 29. However, the passage itself does not mention Archangel Ariel. According to the Wisdom of Solomon - a Jewish apocryphal text - Ariel is described as an angel that punishes demons. Pistis Sophia, a Christian Gnostic text, also states that Ariel is responsible for punishing the wicked. Later texts describe Ariel’s role in caring and protecting nature, including the “Hierarchy for the Blessed Angels”, which refers to Ariel as “Earth’s great Lord.

Calling To Archangel Ariel

Ariel is the protector angel for wild animals. Ariel is considered the patron saint for new beginnings by some Christians.

Ariel is available to help people take care of God’s creatures and the environment (wild animals and pets included) or to heal them. Ariel works closely with Raphael, the archangel who assists in healing. Ariel can help you forge a deeper connection with the natural and elemental world.

You can only ask Ariel for guidance for any goals within her realm. You might ask Ariel to help you heal an animal or to help you better appreciate the beauty of nature. An archangel candle for Ariel can be lit; these candles are usually pale pink or rainbow-colored.

Archangel Ariel’s Strengths

Ariel is a name that means “lioness or lioness God,” so this archangel is often associated with lions. Ariel might be near you and you may start to see references or visions of lions. Some artwork depicts Ariel with a head of a lion. This archangel is associated with wind. You may sense or hear the wind when Ariel is nearby.

Ariel oversees the sprites (nature angels who are associated with water), as well. Sprites look like fairies and are responsible for maintaining healthy environments around rivers, streams, and oceans. Archangel Ariel might contact you to assist with the mission of protecting and purifying these water bodies. You may receive wonderful manifestations and more magical power if you assist Ariel in his environmental mission.

Ariel is passionate about healing and protecting nature, which includes all animals, fish and birds, especially wild ones. Ariel can help you heal an injured bird, or any other non-domesticated animal. Ariel works closely with Archangel Raphael in order to heal animals in distress.

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