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Barachiel Angel

Barachiel, an archangel who is known as the angel bringing blessings, is also the chief guardian angel. Barachiel, also known as Barakiel, means “God’s blessings”. Barachiel is also known as Baraqiel or Barkiel.

Barachiel prays before God in prayer for those in need. He asks God to bless them in every area of their lives, including their relationships with their family and friends, as well as their work. Barachiel is often asked for his help to achieve their goals. People sometimes ask Barachiel for help in delivering blessings through their guardian angels.

Symbolism Of Archangel Barachiel

Barachiel is often depicted as either scattering rose petals to represent God’s sweet blessings on people or holding a white rose (which symbolizes blessings) to the chest. Barachiel is sometimes seen holding a basket full of bread or a staff. These images symbolize the blessings God bestows upon parents when they have children.

Barachiel is a protection angel, but also one of many blessings. This angel is a symbol of love and devotion. We’ll be discussing Guardian Angel Barachiel, and how you can reach him using the energies from Black Tourmaline.

Barachiel in Hebrew means blessed by God and is an Archangel. He is described as an angelic prince who has a large number of ministering angels supporting him. He is the Guardian Angel’s chief, leading all Guardian Angels to their duties. His duties are as varied as the blessings that he bestows. You can ask him for help in finding blessings for your life.

Barachiel is a saint according to several traditions. He is the patron of family and marriage. He watches over us all and takes extra care in helping us, especially young adoptees and those who are still learning their faith. As a sign of blessing others, he is often seen holding a white rose or having white petals following him.

Barachiel can be contacted if your life is in turmoil. Barachiel is a protector and will keep your life safe through all the trials. He can provide comfort and assurance in your life. This could be helpful for you or your family.

The iconography of Angel Barachiel

Barachiel is often seen holding a white rose against his chest or scattering rose petals on the clothes, especially the cloak. Rose petals were used to represent God’s sweet blessings. Roman Catholicism depicts Barachiel holding either a bread basket or a staff. These represent the blessings God bestows upon parents.

Patronage Of Angel Barachiel

Barachiel has many responsibilities. Barachiel is the chief guardian Angel and is able to be prayed to for all benefits that the guardian angel may confer. In Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox tradition, he is a saint. He is a patron of marriage and family life. He is also regarded as an angel that God has given to guard converts (also known as “adopted children” of God) to help them in their lives.

Barachiel has been traditionally associated with February and the Zodiacal Sign Pisces. Sometimes, he is described as the ruler of Jupiter and Scorpio.

About Barachiel

Name Barachiel
Venerated Eastern Catholic Churches, Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast 8 November
Attributes Rose, rose petals

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