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What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience can be defined as the psychic ability to hear sounds when nobody is around. It can feel disturbing at times, but it has a perfectly logical explanation. A clairaudient attends to transmissions from guardian angels, guides, ascended masters, or the deceased, obtaining aid from the spirit universe. The word comes from two separate root words- clair- (as in clairvoyance) + audience (act of hearing).

It is characterized by the OED as the “faculty of mentally perceiving sounds beyond the range of hearing, alleged to be induced under certain mesmeric conditions,” and its initial impression was dated in 1864. Thus illustrated, it offers an acoustic match to then-current theories about clairvoyance, often expressed as a capacity to ‘see’ entities or circumstances at a distance,' though also linked with spiritual mediumship and fortune-telling and insinuates a capability to pick up on sound or oration not known in any commonly identified perceptual field.

These messages may have external roots. They may come from a source outside your mind or have internal roots, such as a voice in your head. Audient forces also differ significantly: they can contain hearing ordinary voices, such as those of a valued one who has passed away, or even noises that hardly sound human. It can also enclose dream dialogues that take place while resting.

This is one of the powers among other psychic capabilities in the “clair” batch. These contain clairvoyance, the faculty to obtain transmissions in the shape of signs and visions, and clairsentience, the capacity to handle feelings or sentiments that supply direction.

An accurate identification of this skill is that these messages suit an objective. They supply direction in points of predicament.

What are the signs of Clairaudience?

Indications of Clairaudience vary depending on the person welcoming them and the kind of guardian angels working with them. Regardless, here are a few standard ways to tell if someone has this ability-

  1. People who hear voices. The bearer of this skill, hearing interior or exterior voices from ascended masters, is one of the essential characters you have this power.

  2. People who hear footsteps or different noises when nobody is there. Not all individuals with these forces hear voiced phrases. Rather, they may be hearing distinguishable sounds from a soul that functions as signs.

3 .People who encounter ringing in their ears. Like listening to other noises, hearing this ringing can demonstrate that a principle soul is close and desires to transmit with you.

  1. People who have discussions with themselves. This is separate from voicing audibly. Rather, it concerns meetings where you get solutions you did not foresee or could not have come from you, even if these happen internally.

  2. People who have had an imaginary friend. If someone has had an imaginary friend they spoke to as a child, this could be a premature indication of Clairaudience.

  3. People who can see visions. Clairaudience and clairvoyance are usually correlated. If you hear internal or external noises and welcome signs, this signals that the noises may be psychic energy attaching you to a soul.

  4. Motivation and imagination arrive intrinsically and unexpectedly to such people. People may have Clairaudience if they are often uplifted out of the blue, with thoughts popping into their head as though someone said them audibly.

  5. Though not enough on its own, highly sensitive people decide whether one has psychic abilities, clairaudients have an extraordinary capacity to pick up on others' sentiments.

  6. People who frequently daydream. Many people daydream, but clairaudients document hearing internal or external voices or having discussions in their daydreams.

Who can be considered Clairaudient?

It’s undoubtedly crucial to recognize that hearing voices may be a symptom of Clairaudience or mental illness. The critical distinction is the portion of despair these transmissions bring you and the share of authority over them.

This is remarkably accurate if the voices provoke disorder in social relationships. Clairaudients can reconcile their ventures with psychic spirits to give feedback and demonstrate when their guidance is needed.

What are some accounts of Clairaudience through history?

Some literary texts use this phrase to refer to the embodiments of an ‘inner voice’ perceived by a person. Such examples may be linked with immediate transmissions from God or the Angels in the Abrahamic tradition.

Notable historical instances described contain those of Paul, on the road to Damascus, controlled by a voice unheard by those around him, 2 and of the prophet Muhammad, receiving the text of the Qur’an, the word of Allah through the archangel Gabriel, and, newly, that of Joan of Arc, who asserted to hear the voices of the angels Michael, Margaret, and Catherine nourishing her with suggestion throughout her life.

Socrates is likewise offered by Plato and Xenophon as failing to the counsel of an ‘inner voice’; though in the context of Greek antiquity, the substances of such a characterization may be diverse, the prevailing opinion emerges to go back to the origins of Western culture.

Accounts of an ‘inner voice’ (or voices) may also refer to messages originating from interaction with the dead’s spirits or souls. “The silent voice so-called, which was long ago heard by Socrates and since by many seers and prophets,,” in light of the documented permutations of the ostensive ‘clairaudient’ capabilities which resume being declared by current New Age psychics – and links to long-standing Christian beliefs about the ‘spiritual senses’ – offers yet another route by which to seek a possible ‘sixth sense.’

Clairaudience is a coveted skill which finds its roots in Abrahamic religions and psychic textbooks. As aforementioned, its signs and symptoms can be seen as recognised.

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