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Eleleth Angel

Eleleth is one of the four Sethian luminaries and an angel in Gnostic cosmology.

Eleleth descends from heaven to save Norea when she cries out to the Monad for help against the Archons who are attempting to take her in The Hypostasis of the Archons. The Archons retreat from Norea after Eleleth emerges, and Eleleth informs Norea of her true origin and the origin of the planet.

Eleleth is a crucial figure in Gnosticism and Gnostic mythology. Heleleth and Sophia are other names for Eleleth. Being the angel of Perfection, Wisdom, and Peace. In Gnosticism, there is an entire story that this angel is a part of. Being one of the four aeons or luminaries.

The Trinity in Gnosticism

The Apocryphon of John contains this story. He claims that there was just one holy and immaculate spirit in the beginning. This spirit was and continues to be unbreakable and immortal. He eventually constructs a female counterpart of himself. Barbelo is another name for her. However, she only possessed five of the original spirits' abilities: she was also invisible, had foreknowledge, was indestructible, and had endless life and truth.

When two spirits of light ignite a spark, Autogenes is created, forming the Gnostic Trinity. Who is also known as The Anointed One or The Aeon Christ. They begin to generate new aeons once the trinity is complete. Four more aeons or luminaries, to be precise. Eleleth is one of them.

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