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Hahasiah Angel

In theology, Hahasiah is a guardian angel. In the angelic hierarchy, he represents knowledge and holds the position of Principality. Hahasiah, which means “hidden God,” is your guardian angel if you were born between December 3 and 7.

This female angel , born under the sign of Sagittarius, is associated with medicinal knowledge and also provides the ability to comprehend in a variety of disciplines. She represents the element of fire, with Venus and Jupiter as her energies. Hahasiah residents are astute and diligent. They enjoy taking dangerous adventures. They exude a tremendous sense of camaraderie and radiance due to their confidence and openness.

People who are born under her protection are sensitive, bright, and have a wide range of perspectives. Emotions, feelings, friendship, and love play an important role in their lives.

Qualities of Hahasiah

This female angel, who is guarded by the archangel Haniel, is symbolised by her vocation and medicinal knowledge. You can quickly comprehend what people are saying thanks to Hahasiah. This angel bestows the gift of healing onto you and aids in your pain resistance.

Your angel cautions you to stay away from those who are manipulative and hypocritical; you have a sixth instinct and can recognise them a mile away.

Summoning Hahasiah

If you wish to build more self-confidence and trust others, you can call on your guardian angel Hahasiah. This angel imparts impressive knowledge and encourages you to pursue your interests in science. You can also be insightful and forgiving with her. She can heal you, but she can also teach you to be more understanding and selfless. Hahasiah’s days and regency hours are between 16:40 and 17:00 on the 27th of February, 11th of May, 25th of July, 7th of October, and 18th of December.

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