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Hamalat Al Arsh Angel

In Islam, the Hamalat al-Arsh are a group of angels who carry God’s throne in paradise (heaven). The Hamalat al-Arsh are primarily concerned with worshipping Allah (God), much like the well-known seraphim angels surrounding God’s throne in the Christian tradition.

Representing Four Different Qualities

According to Muslim tradition, there are four different Hamalat al-Arsh angels. One resembles a human, one reaches a bull, one resembles an eagle, and one resembles a lion. Each of the four angels represents a different aspect of God, which they reflect: providence, benevolence, mercy, and justice.

God’s Providence

God’s providence entails his will—his intentions for everyone and everything—and protective care for all aspects of his creation following their intended functions. The providence angel aspires to comprehend and express the holy mysteries of God’s supply and guidance.

God’s Benevolence

Because of his enormous love, God’s benevolence is his compassionate and giving ways of dealing with everyone he has created. The benevolence angel reflects and communicates the spirit of God’s love.

Mercy of God

God’s mercy entails his willingness to forgive people who have fallen short of God’s expectations for them and his desire to continue to reach out to his creatures with compassion. The mercy angel ponders and expresses this immense mercy.

God’s Righteousness

God’s justice refers to his fairness and willingness to make things right. The justice angel laments injustices in the parts of God’s creation that have been tainted by sin and works to find ways to bring justice to the fallen world.

Assisting on Judgment Day

The Qur’an explains how the Hamalat al-Arsh would join four other angels to lift God’s throne on Judgment Day when the dead are resurrected, and God evaluates the souls of each human being based on their conduct on Earth, in verses 13 through 18. These angels that are close to God may assist God in rewarding or punishing humans according to their merits.

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