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Hashmal Angel

Hashmallim is the angels who govern and administrate Heaven. They work as politicians, cops, lawyers, and civil servants, among other things.

These angels are most closely associated with the archangel Gabriel.

In Judaism, the Hashmallim are angelic beings. In the Hebrew Bible, the word hashmal appears in Ezekiel 1:4. Hashmal is a fire-speaking angel who guards God’s throne in Jewish mythology. According to the Zohar, the name Hashmal denotes “an inner, supernatural sphere, hidden and veiled, in which the mysteries of the celestial letters of the Holy Name are suspended.”


3rd Rank Hashmal

Lower-ranking hashmallim are usually caseworkers responsible for registering data on other angels, Heaven’s territory, etc. They could also work as security guards, police officers, etc. They have a metallic blue halo around them.

2nd Rank Hashmal

Hashmallim of the second rank can perform a variety of tasks. Some are police or security personnel, while others are politicians, lawyers, higher-ranking administrators, etc. They have a simple blue halo.

1st Rank Hashmal

The highest-ranking hashmallim’s halo is reserved for judges, political leaders, or angels in similarly high-ranking positions. A first-rank hashmal has a blue halo that glows.

High Councillors

The High Council is Heaven’s highest government, and the twelve high councilors hold a special hashmal rank.

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