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Jegudiel Angel

In Eastern Orthodox tradition and the eastern rites of the Catholic Church, Saint Jegudiel the Archangel, also Jhudiel or Jehudiel, is one of the seven Archangels.


In iconography, he is frequently shown with a crown and a three-thonged whip in hand, symbolizing God’s reward for the pious and punishment for the sinful. In traditional Eastern Orthodox depictions, he is frequently depicted standing upright, carrying a crown in his right hand and a rod or staff in his left hand.


Jegudiel is the patron saint of all those who works in any area, and the crown he wears represents the prize for spiritual labors well done. He is the advisor and protector of all who work in positions of responsibility for the glory of God, and as such, kings, judges, and others in places of authority turn to him and his subordinate angels. Jegudiel is also the angel of Friday and the carrier of God’s gracious kindness. In a Catholic system that ties each archangel with a specific day of the week and attribute, he is one of the seven archangels. The archangel’s name is supposed to have appeared initially between 130 BCE and 68 CE in the non-canonical Book of Enoch. He was called Jegudiel or Jehudiel shortly after, depending on the nationality of the early Christians.

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