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Jerahmeel ArchAngel

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selathiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel are the seven archangels revered by Orthodox Christians. However, they sometimes add an eighth, Jeremiel, to this number. In Orthodox iconography, he is shown holding balancing scales.

Jeremiel is a biblical name that signifies “God’s kindness.” Jeremeel, Jerahmeel, Hieremihel, Ramiel, and Remiel are some of the other spellings. Jeremiel is regarded as the angel of dreams and visions. He brings God’s encouraging messages to people who are discouraged or afflicted.

Jerahmeel appears in the Tanakh numerous times and in various forms as an archangel’s name in works from the intertestamental and early Christian periods.

Symbolism of Jerahmeel

Because his primary duty is to deliver hopeful messages through visions and dreams, Jeremiel is frequently shown in art as appearing in an image or dream. Purple is his energy color.

Other Religious Roles of Jerahmeel

According to some Jewish beliefs, Jeremiel also acts as an angel of death who occasionally joins Archangel Michael and guardian angels in taking people’s souls from Earth to heaven. Once there, it helps them evaluate their worldly life and learn from what they’ve experienced. According to New Age Christians, Jeremiel is the angel of joy for girls and women, and when he brings them joy, he comes in female form.

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