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Jophiel Angel

Jophiel Also known as Kepharel, Archangel Jophiel has been called the angel of beauty. Her beautiful thoughts can help you to develop a beautiful spirit. Jophiel could be near if you see the beauty around the world, or if you receive creative ideas that will inspire you to create it. Jophiel may be able to communicate with you in many other ways to engage your mind.

Jophiel may also be able to help you solve a problem that has been frustrating by providing a solution.

Yellow is the angel energy color for Jophiel. Recognizing the yellow elements in your environment is the best way to tell if Jophiel is present. People sometimes use yellow candles and citrine gemstones to communicate with Jophiel. Jophiel’s Yellow Light Ray or the flame from her sword are symbols of the illumination that they provide for your thoughts, emotions and choices.

Jophiel is also known for inspiring creativity and appreciation. Jophiel is a great friend for anyone who feels stuck on an artistic project or needs to think outside of the box when working on a project. But creativity and inspiration are not limited to art or work.

Jophiel, the Archangel Jophiel, is often seen holding a flaming blade, the “Sword of Wisdom.” Others show Jophiel guarding the Tree of Life with the Flaming Sword of Wisdom. The flaming sword symbolizes Jophiel’s ability to cut through the illusions of the mind and reveal the true nature of one’s spiritual self. The yellow light that emanates from the flame illuminates an individual’s reality. Jophiel uses her sword to fight ignorance and misunderstanding.

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