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Maalik Angel

Maalik (Arabic: / mlik) is an angel in Hell/Purgatory (Arabic: / jahannam)

According to the Islamic religion, Maalik is an angel in Hell/Purgatory who administers the Hellfire with the help of 19 mystery guards known as Zabaniyya. Maalik is named in the Qur’an as the chief of hell’s angels in Sura 43:77.

Muslims see Malik as an archangel and refer to him as hell’s angel. Malik is in charge of keeping Jahannam (hell) running and following God’s order to punish those who live there. He is in charge of 19 other angels who protect hell and punish its inhabitants.

In Muhammad’s Night Journey

During his celestial voyage, Muhammad encountered the angel Maalik according to Islamic belief. As a result, when Muhammad arrived in paradise, all of the angels smiled at him except Maalik. When Muhammad questions Jibra’il about why he keeps silent, he exposes Maalik as the gatekeeper of Hell who never grins. After that, Muhammad begged him to show him Hell, and Maalik opened its gates, providing him a glimpse of the inmates' agony.


Malik is frequently shown in art with a solemn look on his face, as the Hadith (a collection of Muslim comments on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad) states that Malik never laughs. Malik might also be shown as being encircled by flames, depicting damnation.

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