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Mebahiah Angel

Guardian Angel Mebahiah, also known as the angel of Intellectual Lucidity and the 55 th God, is also called the ‘The Eternal God’. This Angel, the eternal god, must bring clarity and purity to all those he protects and serves. One must live a moral and spiritual life in order to be an eternal being. You must be kind, good, and responsible. This angel appears to have all the characteristics that make him worthy of being called the eternal God.

Angel Mebahiah, in the Jewish religion is an Elohim, ruled over by Archangel Raphael. He is also a principality in the Christian religion, and is ruled over by Archangel Haniel. This angel, like both religions brings clarity in intellectual thinking. He helps people come to their senses and shines for those who need it.

Prayers to the Angel can bring peace and spiritual growth that will lead to a higher spiritual order. One might find that they are more clear-headed and more open to higher reasoning.

One might find that the Mebahiah’s rules can be a motivator for others who seek a pure thought stream and behavior stream. Followers of Mebahiah should follow his teachings and live with pure consciousness.

Mebahiah encourages his followers to use their intelligence and pride to accomplish their projects. He gives strength and purpose to those who pray in his honor. Mebahiah followers have the gift of loving children and working in their name. Children are the ultimate project, the ultimate community to fix, so followers of Mebahiah are given the ability to recognize their true abilities and use them for the benefit of all who are around them.

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