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Nanael Angel

Nanael is the guardian angel for those whose star sign happens to be Sagittarius. It means “God that insults those who are arrogant” and is associated with creativity and knowledge. Nanael, the guardian angel , blesses you through his powerful communication. He is a strong protector and has a tremendous sense of spirituality. His benefactor encourages his people to meditate and contemplate the higher realms. He helps you see the good in yourself and encourages you to be your best self. Nanael helps you to appreciate solitude and meditative states that allow you to refocus your emotions.

Nanael, a male angel representing truth, is protected by archangel Haniel. He is interested in the power to reflect and opens his mind towards a deeper understanding of the soul. Nanael protects one against negative spirituality. He also grants protection from any repressed spirituality. If one is a teacher of spirituality or wants to share it with others, he will protect them.

Guardian angel Nanael may also be able to help you become more open to other people by increasing your confidence in your charm. It is worth calling him if you want to experience spiritual upliftment. He encourages meditation, concentration, and introspection. Nanael teaches you how to distinguish between things.

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