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Number Seven (7) - Numerical Digit

Number 7 is the natural number that follows 6 and precedes 8. It is the only prime number that precedes a cube. It is also considered to be representative of fortune in luck in multiple cultures and folklore. However, it is considered unlucky in Vietnamese culture.

The Arabic digit of Number Seven and its evolution began in India. As Indians generally used one stroke to represent Seven, the western Ghubar Arabs made the longer stroke more diagonal while it was almost perpendicular when written by Indians. Finally, the Europeans took inspiration from different Arabic iterations of the digit and created a two-stroke form that we see today.

In Angel numbers, there is Angel number Seven. You should check what exaclty the angel number Seven meaning is.

Melek taus Angel

Zachariel Angel

Mebahiah Angel

Shilmai Angel
Guardian Angel