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Ophaniel Angel

Ophaniel, Guardian Angel - Also known as the patron for the moon and stars. His name is translated as “Wheel of Light” (or “Ruling Light Of All Existence”. Guardian Angel Ophaniel, a Cherub. He is also the ruler of the Ophanims and Thrones. Other names include Ophan, Ophan, Ophan, Opanniel and Ofniel.

Ophaniel, the Guardian Angel of The Moon, is The Divine Angel . His primary responsibility is to spread The Divine Light to all creations of God. Ophaniel makes sure that every cosmic object reflects God’s bright light. He is The Guardian of The Celestial Records.

Ophaniel follows the divine orders of the Powers. The Book Of Enoch describes Ophaniel as the prophet Enoch. He has 16 faces. He also has 100 wings on each side. He also has 8,766 eyeballs. This corresponds to the hours worked per year. He has therefore 2,191 eyes per side.

Enoch says that the prince of the ophanim (who are the order above Cherubim Ophaniel) watches over them daily and tends to them, beautifies and praises them. He also arranges their running, polishes and adorns the platforms and their compartments. He cleans their seats and makes their turnings smooth. His work magnifies their beauty and magnifies their power. Ophaniel is surrounded by 88 angels that “make the moon’s globe run 354,000 parasangs every evening, whenever the sun stands in the east at the turning point,” which happens on the 15th of each night. (3 Enoch 17;5) Ophaniel is below Galgalliel who is responsible for the sun and above Rahatiel who is responsible for the constellations in this lunar duty.

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