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Psychic Development

Psychic development refers to the process of developing or enhancing one’s psychic abilities to their optimum level. Psychic abilities refer to extrasensory perceptions like clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc. They also include extensions of one’s natural senses, which allows an individual to gather some secret information.

Psychic abilities are considered parapsychological phenomena but are usually relegated to the category of pseudoscience by skeptics and scientists due to a lack of proper scientific evidence to support them. Those possessing psychic powers often work as tarot readers, astrologers, psychic counselors, stage performers like magicians, etc.

Types Of Psychic Abilities

There are various types of psychic abilities which psychic individuals claim to possess in varying degrees. These also include extrasensory perceptions, more commonly known as the sixth sense, like precognition, retrocognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and remote sensing or telesthesia. Some popular types of psychic abilities include:

  • Astral or mental projection - The ability to voluntarily cast one’s astral or mental body out of one’s physical body is called astral or mental projection. It is similar to out-of-body experiences. While out-of-body incidents usually occur involuntarily and temporarily, astral projections can be controlled by those possessing the ability.

  • Automatic Writing - It is the ability to write or draw without being conscious of it. Individuals who claim to have this ability often report being possessed by some spiritual power when they experience an automatic writing process.

  • Dream Telepathy - The power to communicate with another individual telepathically through the medium of dreams is called dream telepathy.

  • Levitation - The ability to make objects fly by mystical powers is called levitation. Stage magicians mainly use levitation techniques to entertain the audience.

  • Energy Medicine - Some psychics claim to possess the prowess to heal people with astral, empathic, spiritual, and etheric energies.

  • Divination and Prophecy - Individuals who can get an insight into a situation or predict future events are said to possess the powers of divination and prophecy.

  • Channeling - Channeling is the ability to communicate with spirits. Historically, channeling or mediumship has been of widespread interest among psychic and spiritual movements, especially the Theosophical Society.

  • Psychometry - Psychometry involves obtaining information about a person or an item by mere physical touch. A related gift is the power of dermo-optical perception, which consists of the ability to perceive unusual sensory stimuli through one’s skin.

  • Thoughtography - Thoughtography is the power to imprint an image on some surface by burning the picture on it using one’s mind alone.

Ways To Achieve Optimum Psychic Development

  • There are several ways to achieve optimum psychic development. Merely possessing the potential of psychic abilities does not make someone skilled in their powers. Like any other skill, psychic skills must be honed and developed through proper study and practice to exercise their abilities to the best of one’s ability. Some techniques that help in honing one’s psychic skills are:

  • Being broad-minded & ready to exercise one’s skills - Psychic experts believe fear is the chief factor hindering one’s psychic powers development. Fear represses one’s natural abilities and confines people to a mental cage. The best way to deal with this is to get out of one’s comfort zone, interact with different kinds of people and simply let oneself be open to new experiences. This helps the mind become adaptable and exercise itself in various unique situations.

  • Practicing skills through reading and assessing people’s energies - When one meets new people and challenges oneself to interact with them, concentrating one’s mind to read the energy or aura of the people in one’s surroundings is a great exercise to help one strengthen their power of psychic intuition. Psychic development is similar to any other skill development – one needs to practice and put in the discipline and hard work.

  • Practicing prediction - Along with reading people’s energies, practicing predicting something based on those energies can also help build one’s psychic powers. One’s mind needs to be exercised in various situations and individual auras to give definite readings and predictions.

  • Meditation - Since psychic abilities involve drawing energy from spiritual powers, balancing one’s energy centers help in one’s psychic development. Meditation is one of the best ways to train and discipline one’s mind, get in touch with one’s spiritual consciousness, to feel a sense of oneness with a higher spiritual power. One can also get help from spiritual guides if they cannot do so by themselves.


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