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Radueriel Angel

Radueriel is responsible for the heavenly archives and has the ability to create angels. 3 ENOCH 27.1-3 describes Radueriel as an angel who is above the Seraphim and is more amazing than all ministers. He takes the scroll box containing the book of records out of his pocket and brings it to the Holy One. The scroll box is opened by Radueriel, who breaks the seals and takes out the scrolls. He then places them in the hands of the Holy One, Blessed be he. They are taken by the Holy One and placed before the scribes. This is so they can read them to the Great Court, which is located at the highest point of the heavens of Arabot in the presence the heavenly household. Radueriel’s name is so-called because each word he speaks creates an angel who sings the songs of the ministering angel, and then recites the song to the Holy One when it is time to say “Holy.” Radueriel is also the angel of poetry, and the muses. He is one eight judgment angels that rank higher than Metatron.

He is also known as the recording angel and heavenly register. He is also known by the name Radweriel, which he shares with Vretil, Pravuil, and Dabriel. Radueriel is known for his measured blessings, revelations in simple mercy. He is a princely Angel and has responsibility for the Seraphim. Radueriel may be included in the 8 judgments of princes on the throne.

Radueriel is ranked above Metatron according to the Talmud because “out of every word which goes forth from his mouth, a song-uttering angel is born.” This privilege and power make Radueriel one of the most distinguished angels.

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