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Raguel Angel

Raguel (other spellings: Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Raquel, Rakul, Reuel, and Akrasiel) is a Judaic angel. He is referred to as the angel of Justice. His given name translates as “Friend of God.” Raguel is frequently referred to be the archangel of justice, equity, harmony, wrath, and redemption. He is also occasionally referred to as the archangel of speech. Raguel is one of the seven angels assigned to guard in the Book of Enoch, cap. XXIII. His number is 6, and his mission is to avenge the luminaries who have violated God’s commandments in the world. Raguel’s responsibilities have remained consistent throughout Jewish and Christian traditions. Raguel’s role, similar to that of a sheriff or constable, has always been to keep fallen angels and demons in check, dispensing judgement on those who cross their borders. He has been credited with annihilating evil spirits and banishing fallen angels to Hell (called Gehenna in the Hebrew Old Testament and called Tartarus in the Greek New Testament). Raguel is not referenced in the Bible’s canonical sources. However, in 2 Enoch, which is widely considered non-canonical, the angels Raguel and Sariel brought the patriarch Enoch to and from Heaven as a mortal. Possible historical references to a similar figure from other cultures include the Babylonian word “Rag” (some translations suggest Ragumu) and the Sumerian word “Rig,” which means to speak or speak. Thus, these comparable characters also symbolised equilibrium in those societies.

About Raguel

Name Raguel
Venerated in Judaism, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Melkite Catholic Church

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