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Rikbiel Angel

Guardian Angel Rikbiel rules the divine chariot. He is the chief of all the wheels. He is also the ruler of the Cherubs. He is also a Cherubim. Guardian Angel Rikbiel, a powerful angel , is his name. He is one of the most powerful celestial beings.

Guardian Angel Rikbiel, the divine ruler over the Thrones. He is one of the 8 crown princes in heavenly judgement. Rikbiel, the celestial superior over the wheels of Merkabah, is his title. He is also one of the 6 rulers in the so-called Galgallim order.

Enoch refers to Guardian Angel Rikbiel the high prince of seventh heaven. He is therefore above Soperiel and other powerful celestial beings. He is also described by the prophet as the ruler of 8 wheels of a chariot of Throne of Glory. There are 2 wheels on the throne that go in every direction. These wheels are protected by the four divine winds. Enoch also describes four rivers that flow under every direction. They are surrounded by four clouds. These four divine clouds are the clouds that contain the fire, glowing coal, firebrand, and Brimstone.

Rikbiel is also known as the ruler of all four winds on the Earth. These four winds include Storm, Hurricane Tempest, Gale, and Tempest. He rules and controls the winds. Rikbiel is also known to be the angel of wind. He protects you against wind, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena caused by wind. Rikbiel will provide shelter for you in a windstorm. Keeps you and your family safe.

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