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Sachiel Angel

Sachiel (Ge’ez ) is a cherubic archangel in kabbalistic and Christian angelology. His given name translates as “the covering of God.” The term ‘Sachiel’ first appeared in the late 1500s grimoire The Heptameron. The name of that angel is spelled variously in early references: It is written ‘Satquiel’ in the late-1200s grimoire The Oathbound Book of Honorius. This spelling is based on the Jewish mystical text Sefer Raziel HaMalakh from the early 12th century (“book of Raziel the angel”). The Sefer Raziel is notorious for its inconsistency in spelling the angel’s name, which appears twice as ‘Satquel’, three times as ‘Satquiel’, twice as ‘Saquiel’, and once as ‘Sachquiel’. It is from this latter spelling that the subsequent spelling ‘Sachiel’ from The Heptameron comes. The broad variety of spellings of the name in the Sefer Raziel is largely due to the author mixing two distinct angels from the 400s CE Jewish book 3 Enoch. The spellings ‘Satquel’ and ‘Satquiel’ in Sefer Raziel are derived from the 3 Enoch angel Zadkiel, which is also spelled ‘Shatqiel’ and ‘Shataqiel’. ‘Sachquiel’ is derived from the 3 Enoch angel Sahaquiel, which is sometimes written ‘Shachaqiel’ and ‘Shahaqiel’. These two angels were discussed for the first time in 3 Enoch. Sachiel is related with the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, the weekday of Thursday, prosperity, and generosity. While most sources place Sachiel in charge of Thursday, others place him in charge of Monday or Friday. As a result of his association with the planet Jupiter, he can be invoked in new age angel mythology for concerns pertaining to money, finance, law, politics, and religion. His insignia appears in Francis Barrett’s The Magus, a collection of occult knowledge published in the early nineteenth century. Additionally, it is mentioned in the sixteenth-century work The Complete Book of Magic Science.

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