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Temeluchus Angel

According to the extracanonical Apocalypse of Paul, Temeluchus is the leader of the tartaruchi, the main angel of torture (and possibly Satan himself). Temeluchus (also known as Tartaruchus) is an angel who watches over children from birth until infancy. In chapters 15 and 18, God mentions him as a judge: 15 […] God’s judgement is just, and he shows no regard for anyone, for whomever has shown mercy will be rewarded, and whoever has not, God will not reward. So transfer him to the angel Temeluchus, the overseer of the torments, and hurl him into the outer darkness, where there is crying and gnashing of teeth, until the great day of judgement. 18 Let Temeluchus have that soul, and he must be cast into hell. Let him be placed into torments and left there until the great day of judgement. He is shown torturing the soul of a gluttonous and lusty priest in Chapter 34: 34 I peered again at the river of fire and saw an old guy being carried along, submerged to his knees. And Temeluchus approached with a huge flaming fork, piercing the old man’s intestines. He torments men and women who commit abortion and infanticide in Chapter 40: […] They were not allowed to say, “Lord, have compassion on us,” when they were on fire spits with creatures clawing at them. And I saw Temeluchus, the tormentor’s angel, tormenting them, saying: “Accept the Son of God.” Since your sins have enslaved you and dragged you into these torments, it was told to you earlier, but you ignored it. His mention in Paul’s Apocalypse 40 is predicted in Peter’s Apocalypse: For now we know God’s judgement, which he declared to us before, but we didn’t believe. “Now do you repent, when it is too late to repent, and nothing of life remains,” says the angel Temeluchus. Aftemelouchos, Aftemeloukhos, Tartaruchus, Tatirokos, Temelouchos, and T’ilimyakos. He reappears in 2 Meqabyan 12:13, just as the malevolent monarch Tsirutsaydan proclaims his own immortality: And before he finished speaking, T’ilimyakos, the Angel of Death, alighted and smote his heart. He died then. Because he didn’t praise his Creator, he lost his wonderful life and died from his hubris and his works.

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