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Vehuel Angel

Guardian Angel Vehuel, the angel of Elevation, is responsible for bringing people under his control to higher levels of intelligence and spirituality. He is the source of wisdom and inspiration, which leads to greatness. Vehuel’s tasks allow his followers to become free from the material and physical worlds while allowing them to find balance in other worlds. This Angel is a mediator and an altruist, teaching us how to live a full life under God, help others, and improve ourselves.

Vehuel means “The great and exalted God”. We believe that he represents visualization and meditation, strengthening communication between people who are close to each other. Vehuel leads us to the Divine and the power of light as well as to honest and pure ways of living. These tasks can help you find a greater purpose in your life and a deeper sense of spiritual purpose.

Angel Vehuel, in the Jewish religion, is an Elohim, ruled over by Archangel Raphael. Vehuel in the Christian religion is a principality, ruled over by Haniel, the Archangel. This Angel can be used in both religions to guide people towards higher levels of wisdom and knowledge. This angel can be prayed to for patience, meditation, and strength in visualization. Those who pray to Vehuel can find peace and calm by relying on their mind’s eye and mantras, ultimately elevating their spiritual value to the highest level.

When feeling down, one can rely on the Angel of Elevation, a great and exalted God, to provide guidance and support. He helps his followers overcome their vices and addictions while removing any unwholesome desires that could lead to a life of purity. People who feel the need for change from negative energy or poor karmic stance in their lives may find that prayers to Vehuel can provide strength and hope during this time.

Vehuel’s teachings highlight the light of God as well as the positive energy. They help people in distress to find grace and motivate them to make the necessary changes to live peacefully again. Vehuel is believed to encourage love in the heart.

People in trouble may need to have this area of their lives restored. Vehuel is the angel that can help. A stronger relationship, and possibly even marriage, maybe possible by bringing love into your life. He could help you to restore a marriage that is broken because of addiction or vice and to replace negative energy with a force for good.

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