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What Does Vibration Mean?

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon that happens when things move around an equilibrium point. There is a word that comes from the Latin word vibrationem: (“shaking, brandishing”). You can see the oscillations in a pendulum or a tyre on a gravel road. They can be regular or not, like the movement of a pendulum. In some cases, vibration is good. For example, the movement of a tuning fork, the woodwind instrument reed, the cell phone, or the cone of a loudspeaker can all be good things. In many cases, vibration is bad because it wastes energy and makes noise that you don’t want. For example, vibrations from engines, electric motors, or any mechanical device that is running are usually not welcome. Vibrations could be caused by imbalances in the parts that move, uneven friction, or the way gear teeth fit together, among other things. A lot of the time, well-designed things don’t make noise. The studies of sound and vibration are very close to each other. Sound, or pressure waves, are made by vibrating things like vocal cords. These pressure waves can also make other things vibrate (e.g. ear drum). As a result, efforts to cut down on noise are often linked to vibration issues.

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