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Angel Worker

Angel workers can be described simply as beings who feel compelled to aid others. These spiritual beings, also known as lightworkers, crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels, and star seeds, volunteer to serve humanity as a beacon for the Earth.


Angel workers frequently have a better sense of empathy and compassion for others from an early age, and it’s likely that they’ve rescued a number of animals and other living beings in need.


Angel workers are sensitive, and as a result, they experience sadness and anguish as a result of the suffering that exists in the world around them. This is why they gravitate toward vocations that allow them to put their empathy to good use, such as nursing, therapy, rehabilitation, healing, care-giving, veterinary services, research, and teaching.

Characteristics of Angel Workers

Angel Workers have a strong sense of intuition and follow their inner guidance. They can often detect the emotions and needs of other living beings, allowing them to channel and direct their healing abilities toward people who require assistance. They also believe in employing their good energies and healing skills to coordinate efforts to banish or chase away negative consciousness.

Self-Realization of Angel Workers

Angel Workers typically need intuitive guidance, as well as the process of self-realization and discovery, to know that their job on Earth is to make a good difference in whatever way they can. Because Angel workers confront the same limits and hurdles as other

Kinds of Angel Workers

Spiritual Guides and Healers

This group includes angel workers who are motivated to help living beings and the Earth by healing them utilising mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual methods. They are often very aware of others' feelings and emotions, and can usually alleviate pain and suffering within minutes of interacting with humans or animals.

Psychics and Seers

Angel workers can gain psychic sight by using their enhanced awareness and intuitive abilities to perceive beyond the material form and illusion. They can then forecast future occurrences and focus their efforts on encouraging favourable outcomes, with the ultimate goal of promoting world peace and harmony.


Manifestors, also known as heavenly blueprint creators, are a type of angel worker that are skilled at directing their own energy to attract what they desire. Their purpose to make the world a better and more peaceful place allows them to bring humanity enlightened collective consciousness.


These angel workers, also known as neutralizers, specialise in removing negativity and restoring neutrality and balance to the planet. Neutralizers may benefit the collective consciousness as a whole, or they may even assist people in releasing or healing negative karma from their ancestors.

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