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High Vibrational

In his theory of special relativity (e=mc2), Albert Einstein postulated that energy and matter are interchangeable. So, matter is energy and energy, matter. Vibrations occur everywhere in nature on the molecular level. Vibrations also happen in the human body on the physiological level, such as during breathing, heartbeats, and circadian rhythms. Depending on their function and other factors, different molecules vibrate at differing rates. The rate of vibration can also change according to the surrounding conditions. These vibrations generate electromagnetic waves, which contain energy. Scientists have discovered that vibrations and electromagnetic energy waves in the human body can cause changes in the functioning of the human body at its molecular level.

In other words, our bodies create vibrations which release energy which affects the functioning of our bodies as these energies interact with the vibrations in the surroundings. The vibration energy theory is applied not just in spiritual terms but also in the healthcare industry. The meditative practice of vibrational energy has its roots in the concepts of physics. It contributes to cultivating a healthy mind and body. The field of medicine which uses this theory of vibrations to optimize our health is called vibration medicine or energy medicine.

The vibrations, and consequently the energy released, can vary depending upon an individual, for everyone vibrates at a particular frequency. A lower vibration frequency would result in dense and heavy energy, resulting in problems that weigh one down. The person may experience pain and discomfort in their physical body. Additionally, they may be affected by heavy emotions and mental confusion. In psychic terms, the person exudes dark energy when they are in a low vibration. Hence, a negative quality takes over their lives. One needs to push through and put a great deal of effort into overcoming these dark energies and achieving their goals.

In contrast, high vibrational energy refers to when one’s vibrations are of a higher frequency. The person feels lighter in physical, mental and emotional terms. One channels power, peace, love, joy, and clarity of thought and emotion. They exude happiness and positivity. A person on a high vibrational level will have very little physical pain or discomfort, which can be easily resolved. Emotionally, the person is stable and healthy. A balanced physical and mental life is achieved at a high vibrational energy level. High vibrational energy involves exuberating positive energy in one’s life. Life flows with synchronicity, and one takes a positive approach to achieving one’s dreams and goals.

A person’s thoughts and behavior are capable of affecting their bodily vibrations. For example, anxious thoughts may trigger the release of stress hormones which can stimulate one’s heart rate to speed up or slow down. One can have a panic attack which will weigh one’s energy down. The vibrations in one’s body while listening to music can also affect one’s thoughts and emotions and, consequently, one’s physiological system. Researchers of vibration or energy medicine have found that certain emotions like joy, peace, and understanding create high vibrations. At the same time, other thought patterns like anger, fear and despair result in low vibrations. Inversely, when at a high vibrational level, one feels positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and peace. When one is at a low vibration, they may feel sad, angry, anxious, etc.

Some ways to reach the high vibrational level:

Breathing exercises and meditation

Rhythmic deep breathing helps in realigning one’s vibrational energy. Controlled breathing helps calm the heart rate and allows one to reach a place of comfort and relaxation. Focusing attention on the body’s working and various sensations during meditation also contributes to achieving a higher vibrational level. It strengthens one’s emotional control and optimizes the well-being of the person. Meditation helps regulate one’s blood pressure and maintain a happy and peaceful attitude.

Healthy Diet

It is essential to eat food items with higher energy levels to reach a higher vibrational level. A healthy diet of green leafy vegetables, legumes, minimally processed grains, and fresh fruits increases one’s vibrational energy. Additionally, herbal teas, honey and spring water are high in vibration energy. On the other hand, meat, fish, fried and highly processed foods, alcohol, and dairy products have no vibrational energy and may negatively impact one’s health and can bring one down to a lower vibrational level. Eliminating toxins from your body and consuming nourishing food help attain a higher vibrational level.

Get closer to nature

Studies have shown that exposure to nature, especially green spaces brings positivity and increases one’s vibration energy. Natural light, sound and waves are considered to be beneficial. Walking in a garden or an outdoor picnic with friends helps lower stress and fatigue. Moreover, regular walks will help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Outdoor activities also help reduce the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.

Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships with friends and family play a huge role in reaching a high vibrational energy level. Having a sound support system is essential to maintaining one’s emotional life. Good social connections help reduce stress levels and allow one to live a longer and healthier life. On the other hand, conflicts and bad relationships bring down one’s energy level. Surrounding oneself with warm relations creates a sense of belonging and concretizes one’s self-worth, and increases positivity in one’s life.

Journaling & Creativity

Writing down one’s thoughts and feelings at the end of the day helps process emotions and healthily deal with them. One can also write down one’s goals and the vision of life one wants to achieve as motivation. Journaling is a great activity to channel positivity and helps to raise one’s vibrational level. Similarly, directing one’s creative self is a way to reach a high vibrational level. Painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument, baking, gardening – anything that requires your brain’s creative side to work and gives one happiness and a sense of joy is recommended. Maintaining a positive outlook and practicing self-care doing activities one enjoys is a great way to elevate oneself to a high vibrational level.

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