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Dominions Angels

In Christianity, dominions are a group of angels who help maintain the world in order. Dominion angels are recognized for bringing God’s justice to bear in unjust situations, providing mercy to humans, and assisting lower-ranking angels in staying organized and performing their duties well.

When Dominion angels carry out God’s judgments against sinful conditions in our fallen world, they remember God’s excellent original intent as Creator for everyone and everything he has created and God’s good purposes for everyone’s life right now. Dominions strive to do best in difficult situations—what is right in God’s eyes, even though humans may not comprehend.

Purpose of Dominions

Answering the prayers of world leaders is one of the ways that dominion angels regularly bring God’s kindness to humans. God frequently assigns Dominions to teach insight and convey fresh ideas about what to say and do after world leaders—in any area, from government to business—pray for wisdom and guidance regarding specific choices they need to make.

Dominion angels supervise and govern the other angels in the angelic ranks beneath them, ensuring that they carry out their God-given responsibilities. Dominions contact lower angels daily to keep them organized and on track with the several missions God has assigned to them. Finally, through enforcing universal laws, Dominions aid in maintaining the natural order of the universe as God intended.

The term dominion refers to the idea of having absolute control over nature. According to this ideology, it was believed that humans were left in charge of the world in the absence of God. Christians who have literally interpreted the meaning of the bible believe that humans have the right to use this planet’s natural resources to fulfill their needs. By giving control to humans to have dominion over land and animals, God has also given humans the right to have authority over all other living beings.

This ideology is hugely problematic because it has led its readers to believe that they can abuse this authority. The abuse of this authority has led us to the modern period as it is known today. Other living beings are in danger of extinction on this planet because of human activities and abuse. For instance, the factory farming of animals or fish is a significant problem that has led to environmental degradation in North America and worldwide.

This kind of dominion or actually domination is nothing close to what scholars of the bible might have indicated initially. It is essential to realize that at the beginning of the bible, one is told, not once but thrice, that humans are only made in the image of God and thus, are not God himself. On the other hand, a more satisfactory translation of this crucial phase might lead to understanding this particular role, making humankind exercise their mastery and expertise on the other beings of the planet to lead to a more positive and fruitful environment. This phrase asks humankind to fulfill its role and recognize the responsibility for developing other creatures.

From the biblical understanding itself, one can infer that the human role entails living in a way that honors the Divine. This contains helping others to survive and securing food supply for everyone involved. This view of the word dominion is in close contrast to the meaning that it has garnered in today’s day and age, where countless species are dying off precisely because of human activity and abuse.

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