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Healing is how our bodies and minds repair, renourish, and replenish themselves after some accident or damage. The human body regenerates and repairs itself whenever some physical damage occurs or if the body is affected by some disease. Medicine aids this process of healing and helps in making a faster recovery. Apart from its physiological meaning, healing could also refer to psychological healing. Through psychotherapy or medicinal help, the person heals the neuroses or psychoses affecting them in this process. A person’s healing ability determines how well adjusted they will be after the healing process. Healing is, thus, not only physical but mental and spiritual as well. It involves the overall well-being of the individual.

A person’s healing ability depends on their immunity, willpower, and determination. Apart from conventional healing through medicine, there are alternative approaches to healing as well. Many people use such healing methods to increase their healing abilities. Energy healing is one such traditional healing method that works simultaneously on the person’s mind, body, and soul to restore and balance energy flow. It aims to treat the person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This healing method works on the principle that some disturbance causes illness in the energy flow in one’s body. Correcting that energy flow will restore balance, and the person will automatically get cured. Correcting that energy flow will restore balance and the person will automatically get cured. While conventional healing through medicine only targets physical healing, such energy healing methods treat not only a person’s physical health but mental health as well.

There are numerous kinds of energy healing techniques that suit different people according to their bodily and mental needs and their healing abilities. Some alternative energy healing techniques are:

Pranic Healing

This healing method involves working on a person’s energy or aura. The specific aura, or the body’s life force, is used to heal the body.

Crystal Healing

This is a popular alternative self-healing technique. Stones and crystals are used to channel a person’s energy. These are used to target specific physical or spiritual problems in a person. The negative energies building inside a person’s body are purified using these crystals. Reiki Healing - The word ‘Reiki’ comes from the Japanese words: ‘Rei’, meaning God’s wisdom and ‘Ki’, meaning energy. Understood literally, it means power drawn from God’s wisdom. The ‘Ki’, that is, a person’s inner spiritual energy, contributes to the healing abilities of the person. Reiki healing has proven to be successful in curing a cold, headaches, stomach aches etc.


Another healing technique originating from East Asia, Qigong involves the practice of coordinated body movement and a focus on breathing and meditation to replenish a person’s health and spirit. Qigong has a history of 4000 years in Chinese medicine and is known for creating a balance in the body and bringing positive energy.

Quantum Healing

This is one of the newer healing techniques which works on the principle of resonance combined with entertainment. Breathing and visualisation of the energy flow help channel the positive energies in the body and affect the healing process.

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