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Ishim Angel

The Ishim and Eshim represent a class angels that are closest to the affairs mortals. The Erelim and the Bene Elim/Bene Elohim are also similar to the Ishim. The closest analog in Christian Angelology to the Ishim is either the order of Thrones, or angels.

The Ishim have existed since the beginning of Creation to praise and extol the glory of God. This function is very similar to the Song-Uttering Choruses. The Zohar ranks the Ishim as 10th in the Jewish angelic hierarchy. Giovanni Mirandola’s Kabbalistic interpretations rank them at ninth, while Berit Menuchah lists them as sixth.

According to the Zohar, Azazel or Zephaniah is the leader of the Ishim. However, they are often believed to be the incarnations of Malkuth the tenth sephirah.

Muhammad encountered an angel made of fire and ice in Islam. He met him during his night travels, which took place in the first heaven. Gabriel explained to him that this angel gives advice to believers on Earth and prays for them.

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