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Leshim Angel

The Ishim, Ieshim, or Eshim are angels considered to be closest to mundane matters. The Erelim and Bene Elim/Bene Elohim are comparable to the Ishim. In Christian angelology, the order of Thrones or Angels is the closest analog.

They are defined as the “beautiful souls of just men” who reside in Makon, the 5th Heaven, and are made of fire and snow.

Since the beginning of time, the Ishim have existed to laud and worship the Lord’s grandeur, a function quite similar to that of the Song-Uttering Choirs. The Ishim usually is rated 10th in the Jewish angelic hierarchy in the Zohar. However, they are ranked ninth in Giovanni Mirandola’s Kabbalistic interpretations and sixth in the book Berit Menuchah.

In Kabbalah

In the Zohar, Ishim’s leader is either Azazel or Zephaniah. Still, because they are both incarnations of the tenth sephirah Malkuth, the Ishim is frequently stated to be ruled by Sandalphon (or sometimes Metatron).

In Islam

In Islam, Muhammad encountered an angel made up of half ice and half fire known as Habib during his nocturnal voyage into the first heaven. Gabriel told this angel advises believers on Earth and prays for them.

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