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What is life Force?

Life Force is the concept that “living species are essentially different from inanimate objects because they have a non-physical element or are governed by distinct principles.” Where vitalism expressly refers to a vital principle, that principle is frequently referred to as the “vital spark,” “energy,” or “élan vital,” which some associate with the soul. In the 18th and 19th centuries, biologists debated vitalism, with some believing that the known mechanics of physics will someday explain the distinction between life and non-life and others arguing that the processes of life could not be reduced to a mechanical process. Certain vitalist biologists produced testable hypotheses intended to demonstrate the inadequacy of mechanistic theories, but these experiments failed to give evidence for vitalism. Biologists currently perceive vitalism in this sense as having been refuted empirically, and hence regard it as either a defunct scientific theory or, since the mid-20th century, a pseudoscience. Vitalism has a long history in medical philosophies: numerous traditional treatment practises presupposed that sickness is caused by an imbalance of vital energies.


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