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The term “Multidimensional” refers to the state of relating to or having possession of multiple dimensions in one’s existence. This term is an important mathematical and scientific concept that has laid the foundation for numerous theories and proofs. In the literal and commonly used meaning of the term, a “Multidimensional state of being” is associated with having more dimensions and characters in an individual’s personality, which is mainly known to be a good attribute.

Multidimensional System In Mathematics

In the context of a mathematical system theory, a multidimensional system or the m-D system is known as a system that runs on multiple independent variables. This system is associated with the view that the existence of only one independent variable (such as Time) is not a feasible thought. This mathematical system theory accords that there are several independent variables in the universe that make the m-D system work.

Many researchers and practitioners have directed their interest towards recent new and crucial problems in the m-D system. The issues that have attracted significant interest are factorization and stability of m-D systems (m > 1). The primary reason behind these problems is the fact that the factorization and stability of the m-D system are not an extension of the factorization and stability of 1-D systems. This is because, if put mathematically, the fundamental theorem of algebra cannot exist in the ring of m-D, that is, for “m > 1” polynomials.

The Multidimensional systems or m-D systems are known to be some of the most crucial necessary mathematical backgrounds for contemporary digital image processing. These Multidimensional systems have several important applications in the world, such as Biomedicine, X-ray technology, and satellite communications. Apart from this, some studies have also combined the multidimensional system or the m-D system with other integral theories such as partial differential equations or the PDEs.

Multidimensional System In Science

Researchers and scientists have postulated that the world of today has three dimensions of space. These three dimensions of space are Width, Length, and Depth. Additionally, there is one more dimension of space, known as Time. Even though having three dimensions at once makes this universe’s existence a Multidimensional one, the mind-bending possibility of having many more undiscovered dimensions is ever-present. According to string theory, scientists have stipulated that one of the leading physics models of the past half-century suggests that there might be ten dimensions in this universe. The reason why one hasn’t experienced all of them yet might be the small size of these dimensions or their fleeting nature, as was suggested by Lisa Grossman at ScienceNews.

Even though the complete understanding of the mathematics and science behind string theory is an extensive task, one can definitely aim to comprehend the essence in which it exists. Essentially, the potential dimensions five through ten of this universe consist of the possibilities of the past and the future. These dimensions include all possible futures and possible pasts, along with their realities, that might exist with a completely different physics than this universe.

Scientifically, if two protons were to smash together at a massive enough speed, they would have the capacity to curate a tiny black hole that would exist for just a fraction of a second before disappearing into oblivion. Additionally, this collision would result in an opening for a small bubble of inter-dimensional space. This inter-dimensional space would be a place where the laws of physics would be totally different from this universe.

Eventually, this opening will lead to an event known as the Vacuum Decay. According to the studies of quantum physics, vacuum decay symbolizes that if this inter-dimensional space were large enough, then the whole of humanity would cease to exist. This will happen because, with enough gravity to interact with this world, the brand new “Cosmic Death Bubble” will have the potential to grow at the speed of light. This growth will rapidly change the physics of this universe, which in turn will render it uninhabitable, thus killing the entire existence of humankind.

The study’s co-author and physicist, Katie Mack of the North Carolina State University, tells Grossman, “If you are standing nearby when the bubble starts to expand, you don’t ever see it coming.” She adds, “If it’s coming at you below, your feet will stop existing much before your mind realizes that.”

Studies On Multidimensional System In Science

Considering that ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays collide almost all the Time, the universe already has all the energy it needs to start the process. Researchers have found that if the extra dimensions were big enough to allow the death bubble to form, then it would have happened already as a result of the utilization of the energy mentioned above. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet is evidence of the theory that the other dimensions are more diminutive than the primary four. According to scientific calculations, these dimensions must be smaller than 16 nanometers so that their gravity is small enough not to be able to influence this world.

The new study comes in addition to another study that hinted at extra dimensions. In July, this study was published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. Mara Johnson-Groh resists that one massive question in the study of physics is why the universe’s expansion is accelerating? One theory postulated for answering these questions is that maybe gravity is leaking out of our universe into other dimensions. With the presence of different dimensions in the universe, however small they may be, the relevance of these theories became too crucial to ignore.

Thus, researchers and scientists looked at data from recently discovered gravitational waves. They stipulated that if this universe were leaking gravity through other dimensions, these gravitational waves would be weaker than their original state of existence due to having traveled across the universe. However, considering this wasn’t the case, and the waves didn’t lose any energy on their long journey, it means either these dimensions don’t exist, or they are so small that their existence doesn’t have a considerable effect on gravity if at all.

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