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Number one (1) - Numerical Digit

Number 1 is the digit used to denote the smallest non-zero natural number. It is also known as the small unit of counting things. The Number โ€œOneโ€ can be used in a versatile manner as a noun, a pronoun, or even as an adjective.

The origin of Number One is rooted in the English word โ€œanโ€ and can be traced back even further to Greek and Latin origins. As a number, it has unique properties because of which is the identity for multiplication. It is the only non-zero number which is its own square, square root, and so on. Also, it is the only number that cannot be classified as prime or composite.

In terms of typography, it is often written with a horizontal base at the bottom and a protruding hook from its top - 1 - while being written in a serif font and resembles the letter โ€œIโ€ when written in a sans-serif font.

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