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What is Subconscious?

The subconscious is the part of the mind that is not now conscious.

The term subconsciousness is used in two ways: topographically (referring to something in the mind below consciousness) and qualitatively (referring to another, subterranean consciousness). Probably none of that is evident to him. One must choose between awareness and unconscious.

A powerful or potent agent, the subconscious has become a popular concept in New Age and self-help books, where exploring or regulating its alleged knowledge or power is beneficial. Techniques like autosuggestion and affirmations are claimed to harness the subconscious’s capacity to change lives and even cure illness. The statements are not falsifiable or testable, according to Skeptical Inquirer. For example, physicist Ali Alousi dismissed it as unmeasurable and doubted that thoughts could effect anything beyond the skull. Aside from that, detractors claim that the evidence offered is mainly anecdotal, and that the positive reports are subject to confirmation and selection bias due to their self-selected character.

Contrary to popular belief, philosophical and New Age writings frequently refer to the “unconscious” as the “subconscious.”

Neither the unconscious nor the New Age concept of the subconscious are identical, even though both need consideration of mental processes of the brain. Psychologists and psychiatrists regard the unconscious’s capacities far more narrowly than New Age portrayals. Several approaches are used nowadays in the New Age and paranormal sectors to effect the latter:

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