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Heart Light

Numerology is a pseudoscientific belief system that derives connections between different numbers, number combinations, symbols and letters in a person’s life. Numerology involves a belief in a divine or mystical relationship between these recurring symbols coinciding in one’s life. Letters in a person’s name or other meaningful words and ideas in a person’s life are studied, and connections are drawn to understand the greater meaning they symbolize. The study of numerology is often associated with astrology, other divinatory arts, and paranormal studies. Heart light is one such number pattern in numerology which helps to read patterns in the symbols recurring in a person’s life.

Heart numbers are some of the core numbers in numerology that determine a person’s primary personality and the choices and decisions they might make in their lifetime. A person’s Heart’s Desire number can reveal the reasons or subconscious intentions behind their actions, inner desires and urges, and likes and dislikes. It is said to represent the person’s inner ‘I’ or self. It is one of the core numbers in numerology and influences a person’s choices or decisions in their life. Another example of a heart number which affects a person’s life is heart light. Its numerical value is calculated differently in different theoretical systems of numerology to determine a person’s numerical chart. For example, the numerical value of heart light in Chaldean numerology is 6, while in Pythagorean numerology, the value of heart light is 9.

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