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Manifesting refers to the act or practice of thinking about an individual’s ambitions and aspirations with the sole purpose of making them a reality. The performance of manifesting one’s goals might have a lot of perplexing rules and regulations, or it might even be whatever one wants it to be. Depending on their source of getting information about the manifestation procedure, one might even find a way to manifest their goals without even adhering to any set rule for it.

The art of manifestation is a surprisingly mathematical one. Manifestation is associated with a spectrum of unique numbers. There is something known as the angel numbers that range from 1 to 4 digit numbers such as 1, 11, 111, 1111 etc. Angel Numbers are known to be sent from the universe as symbols of what the future holds for you. Another mathematical form of utilizing manifestations is particular sound frequencies. These sound frequencies manifest specific wants of an individual. For instance, 528 hertz is known as the ‘love frequency’ and is utilized to fulfill romantic wishes.

Additionally, there are even manifesting-adjacent emojis such as the Nazar Amulet, which is known to ward off the evil eye in many cultures. There are also guides on how individuals can create their sigils, which is a recurring motif usually utilized in witchcraft. The whole notion of manifestation can sometimes feel Christian because of the motifs involved(e.g. witchcraft, angels etc.)

Manifestation Of Conscience

The act of manifesting conscience is a religious practice which usually results in making an individual superior to everyone around them. This superiority is displayed in the form of an Abbot or Prior, becoming aware of their state of one’s conscience. An individual’s manifestation of their conscience allows the superiors to know this particular individual more intimately than before. This act also contributes to their spiritual progress, which might have been halted for various reasons.

One thing to be noted about the manifestation of conscience is that this act is not a form of confession. Therefore, the superior involved in this act need not be a priest—another reason this act is not a form of confession is that it does not include a secret.

Usually, this act of manifestation results in acquiring knowledge about the state of the soul. This knowledge enables the superior to understand the practicality of the frequency of communion, the spiritual reading that needs to be selected, and the council that needs to be given regarding doubts, difficulties, and temptations.

This manifestation of conscience became a forbidden act by the decree “Quemadmodum” of 17 December 1890. Pope Leo XIII forbade both this act and the practice of superiors invoking their subjects to participate in such manifestations.

Manifestation Of God

The Manifestation of God is a faith that represents the existence of prophets and their powers in this world. In simple comprehension, the manifestation of God reflects an appearance of the divine spirit or the holy spirit. These appearances are a series of personages that symbolize the presence of divine qualities in the human world. Hence, these attributes reflect the progress and advancement of human civilization and morals, which are done under the control of the same spirit.

In the Baha’i Faith, people have believed that the manifestation of God is the only way in which humankind can know more about the entity. This is because contact with the spirit is the only thing that helps in evolving an individual’s heart and mind. This evolution curates a living relationship between the soul and God, which is of utmost importance. This relationship acts as a perfect mirror that reflects the qualities of God into the physical and the material world.

Another learning that is held close in Baháʼí Faith is that the motivation which forces all human development is a direct consequence of the manifestations of God. These manifestations are straightforwardly associated with the Baháʼí notions of religious unity and progressive revelation.

Manifestation Of The Paranormal

In spiritualism and its understanding, esoteric literature and some religions have hinted at the manifestation of the supernatural in this world. This creation or appearance of supernatural matter is done from unknown sources and thus cannot be verified. There has been no concrete evidence for this manifestation of the supernatural as they have not been confirmed by laboratory experiments yet. Additionally, several fraud cases have surfaced over the past couple of centuries that have led people not to believe the demonstrations of these manifestations.

Manifestation As A Self-Help Strategy

Manifestation can also be used as a self-help activity. It refers to a spectrum of pseudoscientific self-help techniques that have been created to fulfill a personal goal. The primary notion behind these techniques is the concentration of an individual on one’s goals and aspirations, which lasts up until these aspirations come true.

These self-help strategies are based on the law of attraction of new thought and its spirituality. This procedure of manifestation consists of positive or wishful thinking. To make their dreams come true, individuals are asked to direct their requests to the universe. The universe then paves the way for individuals to reach their goals.

This act of manifestation has been critiqued for having no foundation in the physical comprehension of science and technology. A professor of translational neuroscience at Michigan State University, Alison Bernstein, postulated in an interview that “You can’t magically make things happen. You can [however] change the way you react to certain situations, which sounds like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”. She went on to add that manifestation thus, is not a practice supported by science.

The manifestation practice became a part of popular culture after it was intensively discussed in the film The Secret (2006) and a book of the same name by Rhonda Byrne. Popularized on social media since the 2010s, this act of manifestation is promoted by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Gabriel Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle, and many others.

The Secret (2006) is mainly demonstrated as a self-help book constructed in the documentary format to elaborate on a topic called the law of attraction. The law of attraction hypothesis postulates that an individual’s thoughts and feelings can attract future events, experiences, and feelings.

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